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The Northeast Kingdom Chamber’s Online Business Resource Guide is the most extensive resource of its kind in the state, suggesting not only what one should do when starting, relocating or expanding a business but a recommended timeline on accomplishing these tasks.

What makes this guide different from all others is that we have culled necessary information from a variety of sites and put it all in one guide. We have purposely tried to make this business resource guide as helpful and intuitive as possible, offering hyperlinks to various sites and information that might be of assistance to you, the business owner.

The sections include:

  • WHY THE NEK, outlining some of the many reasons you should consider locating your business in the region.
  • STARTING A BUSINESS, indicating what needs to be done when establishing a business.
  • GROWING A BUSINESS, offering suggestions on what to do if you plan to expand your company.
  • EMPLOYER RESOURCE GUIDE, recommending employee and regulatory resources for the business owner.
  • BUSINESS SUCCESSION PLANNING, providing advice on where to turn if you are thinking of transitioning or selling your business.
  • RELOCATE A BUSINESS, suggesting recommended agencies and resources that might be helpful if you are moving your company to the Northeast Kingdom.
  • BUSINESS EVENTS & TRAINING, listing the region’s most extensive business and workforce training calendar of events.

We will continue to make changes and improvements to the Northeast Kingdom Chamber Online Business Resource Guide in the future. Please let us know if there is any information you would like included in this resource directory.

Northeast Kingdom Chamber of Commerce
2000 Memorial Drive-Ste. 11
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819

The Northeast Kingdom Online Business Resource Guide is meant as a resource for those seeking to start, expand, relocate or transition a business. Please contact the Northeast Kingdom Chamber for permission to use or distribute this content. A PDF format of this guide is available to businesses upon request. Thank you.

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